BioBall® Metal heads

BioBall® Metal heads

The BioBall® system metal head

BioBall® Vivium®* heads complement the BioBall® adapter system for revision. BioBall® heads should only be combined with BioBall® adapters.


  • Sizes: 28-38 mm diameters
  • Material: Vivium®*


  • BioBall® metal heads can be combined with all BioBall® adapters
  • Stem can remain in situ despite revision
  • Use in combination with the BioBall® adapter allows intraoperative correction of previously implanted stem
  • Custom designs available upon request


  • Sliding pair revisions
  • intra-operative correction of offset, neck length, lateralisation or anteversion/retroversion with anchored prosthetic stem
  • 12/14 adapter: intraoperative correction of offset, neck length, lateralisation or anteversion/retroversion, during primary or revision surgery