BoneScalpel system

BoneScalpel system

Ultimate Control.

You’re used to working with drills and traditional approaches
when performing osteotomies. But other leading spine surgeons
who want better outcomes use BoneScalpel—an innovative,
ultrasonic instrument that puts more control in your hands.



The ultrasonic tool provides the ability to make large challenging osteotomies with ease without compromising safety. The speed to which the device cuts through bone accelerates operative times while improving the overall efficiency of the procedure. All of which is done with the confidence that critical structures will be preserved.


Ultimate control and precision, combined with a thin kerf, allow for cuts and maximize performance while preserving healthy bone. The BoneScalpel can preserve up to 66% of autograft bone with each cut, when compared to standard techniques.


The ultrasonic tool utilizes a non-rotational linear movement that provides tissue sparing effects giving users the confidence to go where they would otherwise be unable to go. Users can achieve greater resections in the vicinity of vital structures without compromise.



The revolutionary technology of BoneScalpel makes it the preferred tool for leading surgeons who want high performance every time. BoneScalpel leaves elastic soft tissues largely unaffected while efficiently slicing through crystalline bone. The revolutionary ultrasonic technology amplifies electrical signals that are then converted into a high-speed back-and-forth motion of the blunt blade.