Reaxon nerve regrowth and protection tube

Reaxon nerve regrowth and protection tube


  • Chitosan is a cationic polysaccharide of natural origin obtained by alkaline deacetylation of chitin.
  • The chitin used in the production of Reaxon® tubes is of natural origin.




  • The transparency of the tubes enables effective positioning of the fascicles and early detection of blood clots.
  • Thanks to the mechanical properties of the tubes, suturing is facilitated (even with 9-0 sutures)
  • Very low risk of an immune response: non-protein origin; not of porcine or bovine origin
  • Bioactive:
    • limits adherences 4
    • promotes macrocyte growth 6
    • positive effect on Schwann cell growth 7
  • Good tube integrity for 18 months (resorption at 2.5 years) 2
  • Nerve repair without tension to enhance healing and function recovery

The nerve regrowth and protection tubes are intended for the repair of peripheral nerve lesions in patients suffering from total nerve rupture.

Two versions are available:


Assists nerve regrowth when a direct suture is not possible (for sutures with a loss of substance of up to 26 mm)

reaxon tube protection repousse nerveuse microchirurgie main


Enables protection when there is little or no loss of matter

reaxon tube protection repousse nerveuse microchirurgie main

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3 The biocompatibility of Reaxon® Nerve Guide has been proven in accordance with the ISO 10993 standards.
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