SonaStar system

SonaStar system

Count On Versatility.

SonaStar is the ultrasonic tool that helps you perform surgeries faster, remove tumors with precision, and finish with fewer complications.


This ultrasonic solution allows for easier setup and more efficient utilization while doing the work of multiple instruments. The system meets the needs of multiple specialties with the ability to carefully resect delicate skull base and liver tumors while effortlessly taking down fibrous meningiomas. Without question, the most versatile ultrasonic aspirator available.


Allows for accurate removal of targeted tissues, minimizing damage to healthy structures offering users procedure specific solutions. Solutions that not only allow for an aggressing resection in the most delicate of situations, but also offer faster operative times with more confidence.


Onboard diagnostics and troubleshooting provide operating room staff and surgeons the confidence of knowing the device will perform day in and day out, without failure. The SonaStar will be the one device you know always works, with patented real-time feedback and control loops you can focus on what you do best.



The revolutionary ultrasonic technology of SonaStar allows for maximum control and ease-of-use. Electronic circuitry constantly monitors and adjusts the vibration of the tip to maximize performance, while the built-in Dynamic Tissue Response system reacts to preserve nerves, blood vessels and adjacent tissues.